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Rooftop Snow & Ice Removal in Greater Toronto

The Dangers of Rooftop Snow Accumulation

We’ve all seen those Currier & Ives prints depicting a horse-drawn sleigh racing across a snowy landscape towards a cozy looking house that displays warmly lighted windows, a smoking chimney and a thick coating of snow on the roof. It’s a heartwarming scene, unless you understand the dangers that are posed by rooftop snow accumulation.

Stress on Your Roof’s Structure

Accumulated snow has a lot of weight and if rain, sleet and ice are added onto it, that weight can increase dramatically. Two feet of snow and ice on an average-sized roof can weigh as much as 20 tons, putting a great deal of stress on the roof and possibly weakening its structure.

Ice Dams Cause Leaks & Damage

It gets worse. Outdoor temperature fluctuations and heat leakage from your home can cause rooftop snow cover to melt and refreeze repeatedly at the point of contact with your roof. The melted water runs down the slope of the roof to the gutters and refreezes, causing a blockage that is referred to as an ice dam. As more snow melts and sends water towards the blocked gutters, the water is forced under the shingles, causing leaks and damage inside your home.

Preventing Ice Dam Formation

The formation of ice dams can be prevented by ensuring that your attic is well insulated and your roof is adequately ventilated. These factors prevent heat from escaping from through your home’s roof and avoid the conditions that cause ice dams to form.

Gutter Cleaning at Least Twice a Year

Of course, leaves, sticks and other debris can cause a blockage, too and can contribute to the formation of ice dames, as well. Before the snows start to fly it is a good idea to clean all the accumulated dirt and debris from your gutters and then do it again in the spring to remove anything that was deposited there during the winter.

De-Icing / Heater Cables

Eavestroughing Toronto knows that it’s imperative to protect your eaves and we suggest installing leaf guards and having your attic properly insulated and ventilated. In some cases the installation of de-icing cables is also necessary. De-icing / heater cables offer a convenient and effective means of preventing the formation of ice dams on the roof and in gutters. These electrically-heated cables are installed on the roof edge or where ice is likely to form.

Despite their name, they don’t melt all the ice off but instead provide a channel for the melted water to flow properly to your eavestroughs and down to the ground. It is important to have your downspouts directed correctly to prevent water from entering your house.

Whether it’s a home, office building or retail outlet we offer functional and economical heated de-icing cables that will perfectly match your requirements. Please contact our office to talk to one of our knowledgeable technicians about your needs.

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