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Professional Eavestrough Repairs in the Greater Toronto Area

Prevent Water Infiltration with the Help of Eavestroughing Toronto

The correct size, position, length and number of downpipes on your house are critical factors in order to avoid water seeping into your house, causing ice sheets on walkways, overflowing, and pipes splitting during the winter.

We can assist you with the following repairs:

  • Downspout Repairs – Downspouts are exposed to all types of weather extremes and this can cause them to become loosened or disconnected. It is important to address such damage promptly in order to avoid damage to your home’s foundation.
  • Re-Route & Redirect with Extensions – The whole point of having an eavestrough system is to move water away from your home’s foundation, but if elbows and cross sections are loose or damaged, or if water is allowed to pool near the structure after drainage moisture can infiltrate your home’s foundation. Our trained technicians will inspect your entire eavestrough system to ensure that water is moved correctly, installing extensions and making repairs if necessary.
  • Repair of Damaged Pipes – The next time it rains, take a look at your home’s eavestroughing and see just how well it is working. Do you see water leaking from the corners, joints or seams? Are one or more sections overflowing the sides and allowing water to escape? Is the weight of trapped debris causing your eavestrough to pull away from the fascia? All of these are warning signs that your eavestrough system needs attention or repair. Our skilled technicians will take all necessary steps to ensure that your eavestrough system is functioning dependably and as it should.
  • Addition & Replacement of Pipes – Over time gutter elbows and cross sections can become loose or damaged, restricting their ability to move water away from the foundation. Our knowledgeable technicians can replace damaged components and install needed parts, such as end caps, outlets and straps. We will also check to make sure that the eavestroughs and leaders are anchored correctly and providing support to the gutter system.

Common Repairs & Solutions

The eavestroughing issues that most often affect homeowners include sagging and overflowing eavestroughs, and pooling water. These issues can usually be corrected by realigning or resloping the system to a more efficient configuration. Broken, bent and damaged eavestroughs are another commonly encountered problem. This can usually be remedied with a partial replacement of the affected section.

Cost-Effective Eavestroughing Solutions in the Toronto Area

Before you spend thousands on waterproofing services and other measures to protect the foundation of your home, let our professional technicians determine the cause. Providing you with the most cost-effective solutions is a huge part of our service. Give us a call to discuss your needs or to schedule a service appointment.

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