Eavestrough Repair in Mississauga

Many people are unaware of the important role eavestroughs play in keeping your home in good condition. Because they catch water and drain it away from the foundation, eavestroughs protect your home from the water damage caused by flooding. They protect your possessions from water damage. They protect your wood framing, insulation, and drywall from mold and decay. And they protect your foundation from the erosion caused by pools of water outside the home.

Let’s just agree on this: broken eavestroughs can cause a lot of damage!

So the next time you notice your eavestroughs are spilling over, leaking, clogged up, falling off, cracked, or just generally broken—contact Eavestroughing Toronto to get them repaired. Our expert gutter repair specialists and professional roofers will fix your eavestroughs safely and effectively.

Can You Repair Eavestroughs?

Yes! In the majority of cases, eavestroughs can be repaired. Whether that means refastening a loosened eavestrough to your roof or correcting the slope of your gutters to make them drain better, eavestroughs can usually be repaired with the proper skills. At Eavestroughing Toronto, we’ve seen eavestroughs in all conditions. In a lot of cases, people think their eavestroughs are broken, when in fact they’re just clogged with leaves and other falling debris. We don’t recommend DIY eavestrough repair though, just give us a call and let us assess the type and severity of the problem. If they need to be unclogged, we have specialized tools for the job.

When Does Eavestrough Repair Become Eavestrough Replacement?

That depends on the condition of your eavestroughs, and we can’t really make a judgment until we get up there to take a closer look. A common problem with eavestroughs is that the fasteners that attach them to the roof become loose, which then causes them to start falling off. However, most of the time, we can reattach the eavestrough with new fasteners. But if the eavestrough has twisted or become bent, there may be cracks or holes in the gutter and in that case, the gutter will have to be replaced. Holes and cracks are a frequent long-term problem with steel gutters. As water flows through or gets caught and sits there, rust can begin to build up. Rust will slowly deteriorate the gutters to the point that they’ll need to be replaced. However, replacing gutters is not usually a huge problem. We simply order them in advance and replace the segment that has become damaged.

Canadian Winters and Eavestrough Repair

Anyone who’s spent a winter in Canada knows how rough they can be. Our clients in Mississauga are always complaining about the damage that the weight of ice and snow can cause to their eavestroughs. What’s the best course of action? Prevention. Have our experts come by in the winter to do a check up on your gutters. If there are loose sections, we can repair them on the spot. We’ll make sure nothing’s clogging them up and get them ready to withstand the harsh winter weather. That way, come spring, your gutters will be ready to catch and drain all that melting snow from your roof.

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